I Met This Girl

I met this girl
when we were
chatting online.

I know what
I've been told
about sexual predators,
that's something that
I shall never forget.

I know that these
predators go through
this process of "grooming"
to get their "prey"
to fall for them.

I believe that I'm
being careful,
at least sorta,
and I don't think
that this girl
is a predator.

She makes me feel
like the most amazing person.
She makes me happy
just being me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this is probably not a very good poem. Please let me know how bad it is, lol ;)

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It's bad! ;P lol! HugSS ;)

It's bad! ;P lol! HugSS ;)

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Lol thanks hon! XD

Lol thanks hon! XD