Everything Changes When I Blink

I have a curse
that has been
set upon me.

Whenever I blink,
everything changes.

I blinked.
I am in a coffee house,
drinking coffee all by myself.

I'm with my friends
I'm finally going to kiss
my boyfriend!

I blinked.
I look around,
and my boyfriend is gone!
I'm all by myself,
in an abandoned hut!

I hear a gurgling sound,
so, I look to my left,
and there's this dog-bull thing,
and I don't think it is
too happy that I'm here!

It comes at me,
full speed ahead!
Its mouth opens up,
and the mouth full of teeth
are coming right at me!!

I blink.
Thank God!
Now, I'm somewhere else.
I don't know where though...
It's pitch black,
and I can't see anything.

But, I'm all wet,
and I think that
I'm in water...
where the heck am I?

I feel something slimy
wrapping up my legs.
I slowly look down
and see this eel!

It's glowing out of
its' eyes and mouth!
I scream frantically!

I blink.
I'm mid-scream.
I've appeared in a
fancy restaurant
that is full with people!

I'm wearing a poofy
blue and orange dress,
and I look absolutely horrible!

I'm surprised that I
have been allowed to
enter the building!

Everyone is looking at me,
and I know I must look like
quite a sight!
Probably looking like
a crazy kid.

I blink.
Now I'm on a bull,
and the bull is released
from a pen!
He is bucking and kicking,
and I'm horrified!
Why am I bull riding!

It's inhumane,
and horrible to the bulls!
I never ever wanted to
be on the back of one!

I'm bucked off,
and the bull rears up,
and right before he
crushes my chest,
I blink.

This is never ending!
I try to not blink,
but it happens no matter what!
There's nothing I can do,
no matter what I try!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not sure where this came from. I was going to write a poem about blinking, and then this title and this poem, just started flowing from my finger tips!
Please let me know what you think!

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Nice one.


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Thanks! I am not sure where

Thanks! I am not sure where it came from exactly, but it was really fun to write!