My Phone Is Taken Away, Again!

Once again,
my mom has taken
my cell phone away!

I texted back this guy
who has been using me,
and I've had my phone
taken away before
for this very reason!

I deleted his number
after the last time,
but he texted me again
the other day.

He wanted help on homework,
and wanted to know what
lunch hour I had.

I guess I talked too long with him,
for my mom's liking,
so my phone has been
confisgated once again.

Why can't I make myself
understand that this boy
is using me,
and that he doesn't
want anything else from me?

Why do I like him so much?

I really think that this
is probably something
I need to figure out,
if I am going to make myself stop.

I've always loved
latinos, hispanics, and philopinos,
I'm not sure why.

I've fallen for people that
aren't a latino, hispanic, or philonino,
so, I'm not sure.

He's nice to me,
and turns me on.

He's cute,
and funny...
but I'm not sure
whether I think he's funny
just because I like him...

Guys like him,
give latinos,
and philopinos
a bad reputation!

I've gotten my cell phone
taken away
several times because
I was texting him,
so I need to break this
curse he has on me!

I never thought that
I would be so upset
about having my phone
taken away from me.

I never thought that I
would be someone who
would love having their phone
with them all the time!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress.

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Adam아담's picture

King of Hearts?

Many guys nowadays have a tendency to play with hearts. It means (I think) that there's some sort of relational void that he is trying to fill. Maybe he needs to 1) find God or 2) learn how to actually love someone. Or both. You don't really show love to someone if you dance from heart to heart like some people do. Some nice people can really be... unthinking - and yet, so attractive.


thisisme789's picture


He's like a player....But I don't think he is interested in me for anything but getting answers on our homework, or getting me to do some of his homework for him.