My Head Is A-Spinning

My thoughts

My head is a-spinning,
and it feels like a top
that a child has just
discovered how to use.

When I focus on something
for a very long time,
my head can start hurting,
and everything I've been learning,
begins to pound against my head.

My head is a-spinning,
like a dog that
is chaseing
their tail,
going round and round.

I try my best to understand
so that it will be
stored in my brain,
but I can't always keep it there!

My head is a-spinning,
like a child outside,
spinning around
and around,
before letting themself
fall into the grass.

Then, when
the school year
is comming closer
to being done,
it's so much harder
to keep my mind on track!

My head is a-spinning,
like a hellicoptor seed,
spinning wildly on
its way down from a tree branch.

Yes, my head spins sometimes,
when I'm trying too hard
to understand something.
When I've been learning all day.

My head starts a-spinning
when these things are going on,
and including many more things,
but then, I say,
this poem would be way too long!
So this is the last line!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just a poem about how my head feels when school is stressful or when things just feel overwellming!
Please let me know what you think!

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SSmoothie's picture

I can sooo relate to this one!

was pretty much feeling it all week, great little work thanks hugss

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thisisme789's picture

No problem Ssweetie! I'm glad

No problem Ssweetie! I'm glad you liked it!