It's Time For Finals Again


Once again, it's time
for finals!

These are the tests
that I hate the most!

The tests that
make up a large
portion of my grades.

These tests are ones that
I despise the most!

The finals bring with them
stress equal to the weight of boulders.

These tests are long,
and have quite alot
riding on them!

I can't get a bad grade
on my finals,
because that would be
desastorous to my grades!

I have to make sure
that I study, study, study,
so I can end the year
will A's in all of my classes!

That's what my mother
expects of me,
and what I need
for when I get into college!

So, I get all the materials
that I need, to be able to study,
and I sit down on my bed,
studying for hours on end.

I study until my brain
feels like it is bleeding,
and is being beated against a wall!

Yes, I dislike the finals,
and they are back again!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress! This is a poem about how I feel about having to do finals, again!
Please let me know what you think!

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Adam아담's picture


Not finals! Not again! I'm taking them too now - remember to work hard, but don't work yourself ragged.


thisisme789's picture

Lol, I'll try not to! That's

Lol, I'll try not to! That's difficult tho, if you know what I mean =)


Adam아담's picture


I'm kinda ready to be done right now.


thisisme789's picture

I bet! I really don't like

I bet! I really don't like finals!