Looking For A Familiar Username

My thoughts

When I'm online,
I check to see
if there are any
familiar usernames
under the list of who's online.

If I don't see
a familiar username,
I usually wait
a few moments,
before I refresh.

It's no fun
to be online
when there's no one
online that you know!

I like to chat with my friends,
and to post poems
that they will read,
and hopefully comment on!

But, when there isn't
anyone that I know, online,
it's really not as fun!

Each time I get online,
I search for messages,
and familiar usernames.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem that talks about what I look for when I get online!
Please let me know what you think!

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LovingLovelace's picture

I know how you feel

I love meeting new people and talking to strangers (Because they haven't had time to judge me)
But I do the same sometimes, but I know for a fact none of my friends or family have a postpoems, sad as that is. But It is what happens in the life of Cassie Gwinn. :)

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thisisme789's picture

Awws! I'll be your friend!

Awws! I'll be your friend! Then we can look for each other online!


SSmoothie's picture

and we look for you!


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thisisme789's picture

=D Yay! I hate getting

=D Yay! I hate getting online, and just waiting for someone I know to get online, lol.


Adam아담's picture

I like this one...

I think a number of us out there are taking... FINALS! 0__o


thisisme789's picture

Lol, I bet so!

Lol, I bet so!