What I Love About You

My Boo

Do you know
what I love about you?
I'm not sure
whether you do.

So I'm writting this poem,
to let you know,
exactly what it is
about you
that I love.

I love the way
you're feelings
swim through
your poems.

I love the way
that you can make
any of my days
seem alot less fake.

I love the way
you can bring me
up out of my sadness,
and back into life.

I love the way
that you are
always you,
and no one else.

I love how you
are amazing,
and sexy,
even through
the computer.

I love how you're
always running
through my mind,
almost every minute
of every day!

I love you,
just for being you,
and I would never
feel as if
I'm more important
than others
in your life.

What I love about you,
goes on and on.
I don't know
if I could ever
write them all down!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my girl! I love you! Thanks for being mine!

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