Sprayed in The Face With Perfume!

Sister poems

This morning,
when I was with
my little sister,
I gave her a hug.

She told me to get off,
but not in a way
that sounded like
she was serious.

So I didn't get off,
since she never lets
me hug her!

Then she said something
that I couldn't
quite understand.
She waisted no time,
as she reached into
her backpack,
and pulled out some perfume.

Then she did something,
that shocked me!
She turned the bottle
so that the nozzle was
pointed upwards at me,
and sprayed it!

Lucky for me,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress right now!

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She maced you with perfume? Pretty funny! Well there's just one thing to do, hug her more often! :) cute write I really enjoyed it! HugSS

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thisisme789's picture


Yes, she did! I couldn't believe it! I pretended to sob, and stumbled blindly to the sink to wash my eyes out. Lol, she didn't totally believe me, but she WAS a little worried! XDD She said, "M-Moriah??"