Easter When I Was Younger


When I was younger,
Easter seemed to be
about waking up early,
and running to wake up
my mom, and my sister!

Then we'd hurry outside,
with a basket, or
sometimes, just a bag.
My sister and I would
run all over the yard,
grabbing each and every
egg that we could find!

When we were sure
that there was not
any more eggs to find,
we'd bring them all
back to mom.

She would let us
crack the babies open,
and drop all the candy
into one, ginormous pile!

The process was:
Pour the eggs
carefully out,
grab an egg,
pull on it until it popped open,
drop the candy into the growing pile,
and place the egg into the basket
that we picked for the empty eggs.

We would do this,
over and over again,
until we had emptied
every single one of the eggs!
Then mom would come over,
and she would help us
divide the pile of candy up evenly.

We could then trade the candy,
if there was something
that we didn't like, in our piles.

After the egg hunt,
we'd spend the rest of the day,
doing whatever fun thing
we could do at home!

Our Easter was a fun thing,
when I was younger.
Easter when I was younger,
was fast paced, and fun.
We'd run around,
hyped up on candy!

Squealing and laughing,
jumping and running,
skipping and galloping
sashaying and the grapevine,
having fun and goofing around,
until the candy high wore off,
and we'd trudge inside exhausted!
But only for a while!
Then we'd do it again!

Yes, Easter when I was younger,
what a fun time,
of carefreeness
and freedom!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about what easter was like when I was younger. Please let me know what you think, both complements and criticism are welcome!

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