I Can't Dance

My thoughts

I can't dance,
although I want
to be able to!
I look pretty stupid
when I try to dance.
I look like a little kid.

I try and copy
how others dance,
but I can't seem to do it!
Why can't i dance?
I don't get it!

I want to be able
to dance with others,
or even on my own!

I'm getting desperate
in finding out how
to dance,
since once school is out,
my mom, my sister, and I
are going on a cruise!

And on this cruise
is a place specifically
for teenagers.
This area has
a dance floor,
and I want to be able
to go out onto the floor,
and dance in a way
that doesn't get me laughed at.

How can I learn
how to dance?
How do I dance if I
am not dancing with a partner?
How do I dance if
I'm asked to dance with someone?

I'm so worried,
and I want to know
how to dance!
Both with someone,
and on my own.
But I don't know how
to figure out how to dance.

I can't dance,
not at all,
unless I'm acting like
a weirdo and am in my room.

I want to learn to dance,
but don't know where to start.
How can I learn to dance,
so I am prepared to
dance on the dance floor?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I truely have no idea how to dance, and know that I'm not very good at it! Please let me know what you think!

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It takes time and practice. Before I came to college, well, I never ever danced. Since then, I know a few moves (pop and lock, and the shuffle) and Spanish ballroom dance. Just find some helpful videos, a quiet room, and practice! No one's there to judge you.


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Thanks! I'm attempting to practice every night!