yes, this is a real word,
that has a real meaning.

it's an abnormal or
exaggerated fear of clowns.

I've had it for years now,
ever since the incident.

I never knew I had it until
this one day, when I was
maybe seven years old.
My next door neighbor had
been a clown at some
child's birthday party.

He came home in his outfit,
thinking that, maybe, I'd
like to see him as a clown.
He gets home, and I'm outside,
playing who knows what.
He gets out of his car,
and he calls out to me.

I see the clown outfit,
and start screaming.
Now, this wasn't any normal
little kid's scream, oh no.

The scream that came
out of me was a loud, full blown,
bloody murder scream.
One that could wake the dead!

My mother comes running outside,
and my neighbor tears
off parts of his costume,
as he's saying "Moriah! It's me!
It's okay!"

Oh, that poor man.
He was horrified,
and I discovered
that I had a very real fear.
A fear of clowns,

yes I have this,
and I've read
that I'm not alone in this!
I've read that as much as
1 in 7 people have Coulrophobia.

an abnormal or
exaggerated fear of clowns.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem to tell about how I got my Coulrophobia.

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This is the most common fear besides heights

And death of course! No fun at all. I don't like clowns well not for a really long time then there came macdonalds! I am more forgiving of them now, but news of the circus coming to town brought a little dread. HugSS

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thisisme789's picture

Lol, I don't like how

Lol, I don't like how circuses treat their animals, so circuses to me bring me fear of the animals' well-being, and also the fear that I'll see a clown! eek!