My Boo


I have myself a boo.
She's my lovely beau.
She's my girl.

She makes me smile
when I wake up each morning.
She's my light,
when the world is dark.

She's the one who
I want to be with.
The one who makes me
happy when I am sad.

All I have to do is
think of her name,
and I get this tingly
feeling inside of me.

I get strangely giggly,
whenever we are
messaging each other.

And when there was trouble
with contacting you,
I had this feeling of terror.
This terror that was running
through out my body.

You've become my life,
and I don't know how
I could ever live without you.

I don't even want to think
about the possibility of
having to live without you,
without my boo.

I think I love you girl,
I really think I do.
And I don't mind
that I'm saying this,
even though a year ago,
this would have worried me.

You've changed my life,
for the better.
I always want to
be here for you, dear.
I won't let you down.

If I ever was to let you down,
you have permission to come
hunt me down, and kill me,
because I'd already feel dead inside.

Dead inside from the dissapointment
that I'd have in myself
for breaking a promise to you.

You're my boo,
and I love you, girl.
I always want to be here
for you, my dear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To you, you know who I mean <3

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