Someday I'll Find You


I'm searching for my little sister,
the one who has passed away.
Someday I'll find you,
and never let you go.

I only had you for
a little while,
so I know that we still
have tons of time together
that we will spend together,
once I join you up there.

Although I miss you dearly,
I will live my life till it's done,
and then I will join you,
and we'll be together again.

We'll make up for time lost,
time not spent with each other.
Although you'll be reunited
with mom first,
I'll still be excited
to see you again.

I love you my little sister!
You're my little angel.
I'll never put you out of my heart,
so I can keep you close to me.

Someday I'll find you,
never to let you go again.
I'll find you and be with you,
and goof around how we never got to.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about my baby sister Jessica, who died at the age of 1 on July 4th, 2001.

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I love it. Hugs SS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ยก$&am

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=) thanks hon!

=) thanks hon!