the flavorful food.
It counts as a drink,
but also counts as a food.

It can be fruity,
one kind of fruit,
or many different types.
It can also be vegetabley,
although I don't think
that I'd like one of those.

Smoothies come in
tones of different colors,
and flavors.

They are tasty,
most of the time,
depending on what
you put in them.

Smoothies are an
interesting kind of food.
Not really a food,
but not yet a drink.

You do drink them,
but they fill you up,
more like a food.

So what category
are smoothies under?
Are they a food?
Are they a drink?
Are they both?
Who knows?!

tasty little things.
I like smoothies,
they are good,
and can be good for you, too.

different places have
different recipes,
for the same smoothie.

they are a big hit.
With me,
being a picky eater,
these being healthy,
is very good.

these interesting creations.
I like smoothies!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by SSmoothie

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What a lovely treat!

Both have something wonderful in common! -great poetry! ;) HugSS

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Lol, Thanks girl!

Lol, Thanks girl!