Questions About Death


I've been told many things about death,
and I've imagined many other things
about death, and "life" after dying.

I've been told that Heaven exists.
That it is up above the clouds.

When I was younger,
and on my very first ride in an airplane,
the plane rose up,
high in the great blue sky.
We got to the clouds,
and I smushed my face against the window,
expecting to see angels as we rose up above the clouds.

But we rose up above the clouds,
and there were no angels,
none at all.
So, I guess as a coping mechanism,
I just told myself that
the angels didn't want us to see them,
and that's the reason that I couldn't see them.

When I asked what Heaven
looked like, or had in it,
I was told, by many different adults,
that Heaven
I've been told that Heaven has anything
that you can think of, or dream of, in it.

But when I thought about this,
when I was a few years older,
how could Heaven have everything
that everyone wants it to have?
Is that even possible?

I've wondered what happens
when someone dies.
Whether or not their spirit comes out
of their body, and if so,
whether it happens immediately,
or if it takes a while.

Can your loved ones watch over you?
Are they watching what goes on in your life?
Do they know that they are missed?

Can loved ones, who have died,
feel pain over not being able to
be close to the ones they love?
Do they miss us?

I have many questions about death,
but know that there's most likely no
answers for them, since, I don't think,
that anyone has died, become an angel,
and then come back alive.

I have questions about death,
but I will have to just keep thinking
about what the answer could be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about the questions that I've had about death, throughout my life.

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Ok sweety im going to tell

Ok sweety im going to tell you what i think and what iv felt on death since i was a kid.
I believe that once we die, we either go to heavon or to hell, which ever God chooses.
I believe the angels, our loved ones, watch over us every day, and every night. They
sit on the clouds, and watch us, and maybe if they are lucky, once or twice, God may
let them come to us, only when we are in great need. They could come down to earth
and we may not even know it, that they may push us, in the other direction, or cover
us while asleep on a cold night, or maybe visit us through a dream, and speak to us.
Iv been visited by my grandma only once that i know of. And it was a dream of her.
That happened this year. She spoke to me, and told me things. I woke up crying, cause
i heard her voice, i saw her body, i felt her touch, for the first time in 5 years, in my dream.
It felt so real to me, that i talked in my sleep, thinking she was right there in front of me.
Now for what iv believed since i was 5 years old lol. :D
Since i was 5 years old, i believed that your loved ones, where the brightest star in the sky.
That whom ever that was gone, that you thought of that day, would be the brightest star.
It always seemed that the brightest star, was the one always above you. That when it shined
it was that person, waving to you here on earth. And i would look to the sky,
and just talk to it. Letting all my emotions, tears, and thoughts out, to the star.
lol dorky i know. But i guess it comforted me with my first death, when i was 5 my grandpa died.
And when i was 1 1/2 my God father died. So it was my way of comforting myself through it.
I still do it, it helps me deal with it, and it gives me a way to vent to that person on how i feel about
them being gone. Its my way of coping i supose. And this is how i feel.
Hope it helped or at least gave you some insite love. :)


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Wow hon. That's really

Wow hon. That's really beautiful! I'm glad that your grandma contacted you. =) Also, I don't think that it's dorky to talk to a star, letting all your emotions, tears, and thoughts out, to it, because you believe it's your loved one. I think that I'll probably automatically start looking up at the sky, at night, to see if the brightest star is above me, now. Also, I'm pretty sure you know SSmoothie. She told me that my baby sister contacted her, and talked to her! It was amazing to think that maybe my baby sister is watching over me, you know?
When I was younger, I always believed that we'd go to heaven or hell, but now that I think of that, I've been told that Jesus doesn't punish people, and I thought about how maybe sending someone to hell, would be a kind of punishment. But, Idk.


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Moriah, I think the Bible

Moriah, I think the Bible verse that would be mentioned is John 3:17. You probably have heard of John 3:16:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." If we cling to, trust in, and rely on Jesus Christ (no matter if we are full of faith or struggling in doubt) then we won't perish (come to destruction, be lost) but will have a hope and a future, forevermore, to look forward to.

That was John 3:16. And the next verse is: "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." What this means is that God didn't send Christ to the world two-thousand or so years ago to act as Judge (to reject, to condemn, to pass the sentence on) for the harm we are all guilty of causing - God loves us too much to do that, even though it would be right. God loves us so much that he died so that we could have salvation by holding to and trusting what Jesus did and what he claimed.

I've thought this all as difficult to believe, at times, so don't feel alone. But there are four reasons why I believe what the Bible has said.
1) I have seen God's miracles in my life.
2) I have felt God's touch on my heart.
3) I know that my mindset is set within a particular culture and that there are all kinds of perspectives I am missing because I am an American, and not a 1st Century Jew or a Roman, or a Japanese samurai (maybe you would agree, our culture does not have a very deep sense of honor compared to ancient Japan and their warrior code of bushido).
4) there is actually much historical evidence for Jesus Christ, outside of the Bible. So I want trust and hold to what Christ has said is truth.

The Bible and what it teaches is grounded in an Old Testament history and concept of sin, redemption, etc. You know how there's the Law of Gravity? Say there's a Law of Sin. It has to be answered to. And that is why God loved us enough to send His Son to die - God bore death (more than just physical) so we wouldn't have to! That's why Christianity is what it is. We are healed in because Christ suffered wounds, affliction, and beating. We have new lives, fresh hearts, and a new beginning because we take part in the fact that Christ literally rose from the dead (and in Him, so have we). We are children of God because Christ is the Son of God, and we join through him.

... I hope this helps and isn't just me rambling or ranting. Philosophy and theology can be hard to work through, especially for us poets and critics! I'd be happy to talk more on this if you want me to. Remember you can trust Jesus - he actually loves you. Well, may God bless you Moriah! Have a great day


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Wow. That was beautiful, and

Wow. That was beautiful, and made me feel like I was going to cry, lol. Thanks so much for your support.
And, personaly, the only reason I haven't totally given up on the thought of there being a God is because, when my baby sister was very sick, with cancer, Me and my mom were up in her room, feeding her a bottle. My mom asked me to get her a spit rag, and out of no where this strange thought came into my head, that no regular 5 year old would really think. I told her, "Mom, Jessica is going to die." She denied it, saying that the doctors have gotten her on some new meds, and that they believe the meds will help. My response to that was to just shake my head, and say, "No, Mom. No." A few days later, Jessica did die. My mother says that I was contacted by an angel, and told that Jessica was going to die.


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I say it could be so, Moriah.

I say it could be so, Moriah. I've seen people healed of sprained ankles (to test if she could walk, she practiced her ballet routine!) and even scoliosis (permanently curved spine, suddenly readjusted and straightened). I've heard from a friend of a football player's smashed spleen healed and even people being brought back to life. You know the spiritual gifts? I believe they are real. Sometimes, I have fallen to the ground from feeling strongly of God's good presence. And this all in Christ Jesus, because God loves us. The important thing is that we draw close to God and His love.

I'm a unsettled person often and struggle with doubt and skepticism - but I love God, and He deserves much more than I give Him. I want to be part of what I have seen, in my MK (missionary kid) friends and those at my college. I really treasure those quiet, earnest campfire nights with my MK friends - we would just gather around the fire and sing praise to God.

Make sure you remember and seek God, nothing could be more worth your heart. I feel slightly like Kanye West, as I have gone on for a long time now :P ("You're great, and Ima let you finish, but...") But know that I really do care about YOU.


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=') Thanks! You are so sweet!

=') Thanks! You are so sweet!