It's a new year!
say goodbye to what happened last year,
and get ready to do new things this year!
It's a new year!

It's 2012 now!
Say goodbye to 2011,
It's done and over with!
Now is time for new things to happen!

Maybe this year, global warming will be taken seriously!
Maybe this year, children and animals that are homeless, will get lucky!
Maybe this year, I'll finally have someone love me for me!
Maybe this year, I'll get that someone special, the one I've been waiting for!

It's a new year, so new things will happen!
It's time for us to figure out,
what exactly we want from 2012,
and work on trying to get it to happen!

It's 2012!
No more 2011!
Now is the time for everyone
to find themselves, and live their life!

It's our time!
It's a whole new year!
Time for new beginings,
time for being free!

Let's live this year,
up to the fullest!
Live this year,
until there's nothing left to live!

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Happy new year hon. And I

Happy new year hon. And I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. :D and I hope you find the love you wish for. Heres to 2012!


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Happy New Year to you too,

Happy New Year to you too, hon! I hope my dreams and wishes come true also! ;P I also hope all your dream and wishes come true! I really hope that I Do find the love I am wishing for!
Thanks for commenting!