My brother touches me

I thought my family would
be the ones to protect me from harm.
But instead,
I'm being harmed in my family.

In the middle of the night,
or when ever he feels is right,
My brother sneaks upstairs,
and into my bedroom.

He closes the door tightly,
and then comes over
and climbs into my bed,
getting himself ontop of me.

I awake to find my mouth is covered,
and my brother bare-chested
and only wearing a pair of boxers,
and my blankets are not over me.

He smiles down at me,
and he calls me baby.
Saying, "I couldn't wait any longer baby."
and "I don't want to do all the work tonight, babe"

He gets upset when he sees
that I'm not unclothed, unlike him.
I am layered down in layers of clothes,
in an attempt to prevent this tonight.

He growls as he climbs off me,
and yanks me onto my feet.
I try and run away,
but he's faster and stonger than me.

He grabs my wrist,
and yanks me backwards,
my back to him,
and against his chest.

I stay stiff, and he chuckles,
commanding me to unclothe myself.
I shake my head back and forth,
and this gets him mad.

He roughly stips off my layers,
as I try to keep them on.
He turns me to him and threatens me
saying,"take them off or you will pay."

Stupedly, I refuse,
and recieve a slap
across my face.
And I shriek in pain.

This gets me a punch in the stomach,
causing me to lurch forward,
Which, sadly, makes it easier
for my brother to unclothe me.

When he's gotten me undressed,
he watches as I try to cover my chest,
and as I'm crossing my legs,
he says "See, that's how I like you!"

He walks towards me,
and puts his hands on my shoulders.
He pushes me backwards,
into my wall, closest to my bed.

He presses up against me,
running a finger across my cheek,
and I stuggle to get away from it,
but there is no way I can.

This is where he holds my breasts,
cupping them in his hands,
and as I try to pull away,
he gives them a big squeeze.

My knees go weak with pain.
I yelp out loud,
just recieving a bigger
and more painful squeeze.

"Now, Kiss me" he says,
as he leans in close to me.
I refuse and he glares,
and then he yanks on my hair.

"Bitch! I told you to kiss me!"
He growls against clenched teeth.
I know that if I don't do what is asked,
this night will never end!

"I'll tell you again, but only once more,
k-i-s-s m-e" he says, and this time,
I feel my shoulders slump,
and he knows he's gotten his way, again.

He leans in, shoving his lips against mine,
his hands still on my chest.
I know that if I don't give in,
he will make me pay.

He stops and says
"I thought I told you,
I don't want to do all the work tonight!"
So I reluctanly move my lips when he continues his kiss.

Now that he's getting what he wants,
he starts emitting moans and groans.
He kisses me harder, and I clench my eyes shut.
I don't want to see his face, as it's covered with desire.

He grinds himself against me,
and uses me as his play toy.
And here is where he removes his left hand,
and it slides down my hips.

He undoes his boxers,
and I can feel them fall.
My eyes fly open and I shake my head furiously,
hopeing that maybe he'll stop!

He ignores me, and takes my hair into his fist,
he pulls me with him, as he moves beside the bed,
he pulls downward, so I fall to my knees,
Then he points to himself and tells me "Lick me!"

I whimper in horror,
and plead for him
to stop it and let me go!
But he refuses, and yanks my hair again.

"I told you what to do,
so now start licking me!"
he growls as me points to his pelvis.
He pulls my hair, and I crawl forward.

I want to get away,
and to stop the pain!
I blink and a tear falls,
slowly down my face.

I do what he wants me to,
I just want him to go away,
and give me back my brother,
who used to be my friend!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This happens in some families, and it's called Sibling abuse, and should be stopped immidently! I wrote this in hopes that maybe a child who might read this, has been going through this, and will come forward and tell someone close to them!

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nightlight1220's picture

Wonderful write. It is often

Wonderful write. It is often confused with other things. Same situation as with rape, but the added facts about a child's memory weigh in, as well as coersion by adults and the child's sometimes unmet need to satisfy the adult's need to blame another for a rape, that really never was. 


Again we have the emotions run rampant. Best wishes. You have writing talent.



When people become healthy adults...ask them. They will be honest, and you will learn not to listen to others, but hear from the horses mouth...and truth will perhaps slap your face at times, but it is better than living with a blinder on one eye.


real eyes


real lies

And anyway, sometimes a good slap in the face does us goid...let's face it ;-)

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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I'm sorry it has taken me so

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad that you like it! I really hoped it would convey the kid's horror in this experience. <3


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I literally jus started

I literally jus started crying in class!

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I'm sorry! over this???

I'm sorry! over this???


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sorry! It's just something

sorry! It's just something that I thought of last nite, and goes a little with a book I'm trying to write!


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I call reading it when it's

I call reading it when it's done

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I'm sad to report that the

I'm sad to report that the book fell apart. I couldn't get it to work, and was getting so many bad responses from friends that I broke down and didn't continue it. Maybe, hopefully,some day i'll try again!


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lol okay!

lol okay!