It's called ADHD,
and there was also
once ADD.

But these are both
one and the same,
the scientists now say.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

This disorder,
I've had it all my life,
and it used to control me.

I was called a wild child,
as I would climb on
anything and everything.

When I was younger,
I told my mother
about how it felt.

I said, "Mom,
it feels like I have
a tiger in my belly.

It's clawing at my belly,
like it's hungry,
and trying to get out."

I was a crazy girl,
and would be, still,
if I hadn't been put

on medicine
for my crazy tiger,
my ADHD.

Oh, yes.
Having ADHD is an adventure,
and I live it everyday.

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I have ADD and my bro has

I have ADD and my bro has ADHD so i know what its like love.
But i think as time goes on, you tend to out grow it, you know what
to look out for on a day by day basis. Im on med for mine, but when i
turn 18, ill be taking myself off of it. I dont feel i need it anymore. I think
im fine with out it. And i dont want to live forever all drugged up. Iv lived with out it many times before.
I can do it again, but my parents force me to take it, but they cant make me anymore. :)
plus, im more me, when im not taking my meds. N im happy too.
And your right, every day, is a advanture full of suprises lol


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teehee! Well then, you do

teehee! Well then, you do that! Be your own goofy self, babe!