It’s an Adderall high

I haven’t touched the ground in months and I’m waiting for a shoe to drop
my joints grind unrest
use us abuse us something needs to burst
come, come, come.
I’m buzzing
Around me I feel like its a hot summer night
the world is sweat and steam
and air is radiated by an electric hum of cicadas
absorbing the world and lulling a trance of submission
“every things fine”
my hands, the blisters, they pulsate
burst, burst, burst
release the cadence of suspension; breathe
there’s brain damage
space void, empty and useless
time doesn’t stop
its going, it’s always bursting
come, come, come,
everything’s alright
take the chemicals
fumes intoxicate
I am God
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"...come, come, come..."

a simple line, an invitation or an expectation or an exudation? A rich and a full line.

Lady A