Why am I here?

I shouldn't be here.

Shouldn't be with you. 

She's the one I want.

She's the one that's always on my mind. 

But what could I hope to offer her?

What can I give to someone who is everything I never knew I wanted.

She must know how I feel.... surely.

No, I've never said anything... cowardice will do that to a person.

But she has to know.

My heart sounds like war drums when she's near.

I could settle... just give in and stay where I am.

I wouldn't be miserable, but I certainly wouldn't be happy.

I could do it, though.

Then I start to think and it all comes back to her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too much on my mind...

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The Emoting Realm Called Reality

This was a special offering, honest and well crafted. Too much amind is a plus for us - nice - Just Bein' Stella