What Scares me the Most

What Scares me the Most
What Scares Me
Not knowing where you are
Going to sleep without you by my side
That you will hurt me
That we will fight

What Scares Me
That we have never fought
That when we do
I could end it all
In self sabotage

What Scares Me
Having you
Losing you
Loving you
Having you love me

What Scares Me
If you love me
And I love you
Then love is had
Then there is nothing left but love lost

What Scares Me
What Scares me the Most

A short time ago
I could sleep
I could breathe
I could walk
I could be
And nothing more important mattered.

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pldappls's picture

great poem/great

great poem/great wording/expression.

i look forward to seeing more of your work when it's posted.

i don't really have any criticisms or anything else to say other than i liked it.

Seraphim's picture

"It is better to have

"It is better to have loved
Than to have never loved at all"
It is better to have flown
Even if you fall
It is better to have lived
Than to never lived a day
It is better to feel
Than to always be OK

This is a good poem, and I can't wait to hear more.

Your Friend,

Post Tenebras Spero Lucem