The Mind


Does the mind wander?
Does it get lost, while you ponder?
Does it runaway like a dog?
Or does it develop into a fog?

As age comes, the mind goes
Where could it be? For no one knows...
Is it on Broadway, performing in shows?
Or is it in a movie, battling foes?

Our imagination is what sets us free
Free from the shackles of reality
It hears the criticism and the laughter
But remains in tact, and does not shatter

There will be a day where space is not an option
And we'll put our aspirations up for adoption
On that day there will be tears,
About the hours wasted over the years

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I put this together in about an hour. I would really love some feedback on what you think and how I can improve.

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I don't think that using our imagination is waste ot time - through imagination comes creativity and innovation especialy in sciences. However, I like your poem very much and the rhyming realy sets it off. The poem is well written and humours, well done.

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Thank you

Thank you guys for the comments. I'm really greatful for the feedback. In future poems I will try and make them have a better beat and make it more pleasing to the ears.