Giving Away Your Heart

Starting right now I'm living the present
Not looking back at the crushing
And pulling of what kept me an attendant
Of the unneeded blushing

In me where I didn't need to keep that.
Living my life because I'd given myself away
To someone who would play at
What was given and displayed.

She took it and lead me on a ruse.
My whole didn't know how to feel
When she crushed and bruised
The heart I gave as a seal

A pain without control strangled me
As my core shutdown from the downpressing
Weight of being the one to be
Cheated out of what I thought was real.
I was lead to believe in something that was
Fake and broken as a glass menagerie
That was knocked down in betrayal.
A dance that made a mockery.

Finally I've put together the glass
With spiritual help from above.
I'm free of the one mass
Who throw away my love.

I'm scared to share my glass with anyone
Knowing that the same could happen
To me and I might run
Instead of picking up the broken.

Is there anyone I can trust to be careful
And honestly see what the menagerie is?
Can I be appreciated and not left
As a broken piece of unwanted glass?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The imagery used was related to "The Glass Menagerie" play that i read over the summer. I wrote this after seeing a friend - who i would have liked to be more than a friend - making out with a guy i thought was my friend. Not a very fun experience. I kinda hate this teenage life of mine. I'll be happy to turn 18, move out and finish highschool.

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think we've all been here at

think we've all been here at some point in our lives, and this piece really accents well the emotional scenario we go through. Every situation is different, but I personally can definitley tangibilize this in my own life.

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Again, thank you!

I don't usually have the capacity to fill my poetry with emotion like this one. I just wish I could do it with more creative and happy poems I write.

- Zachariah