To Love is To lose

This pain is simply unbearable,

I want to be alone,

But then I don’t.

My friends are annoyed by my presents,

Sometimes I think they wish,

That I didn’t exist.

I breathe,

Simply because that’s how I was made,

And It’s how I must live.

Though my chest feels heavy,

Like a thousand pounds,

That pulls me down.

To love is to lose,

Because when you love,

You end up more broken then before.

To the world

I apologize,


For being born.

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The Important Points

Everything Daniel said is true. Never apologize for being you – because there's only one you, in the whole universe. And never be afraid to love. It can sting like a bitch sometimes – but damn is it cold without it. And always remember – friends are like shoes. Sometimes we need to replace them or we simply outgrow them. And if those shoes are giving you a blister – toss em in the bin. And get new ones. Everything changes with circumstance. And as for demons, all I can say is – that I've danced with a few of mine, for better or worse. And I'm still here.

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yeah but im not in a big city, i cant just throw away freinds. id never make new ones. Im not afraid of love. i was betrayed by it. i dont literally apologize for being born... It was meant to be sarcastic. as in everyone complaining about my existence, basically telling them to screw off. We all go through tough shit. im not saying that what ive been through is less or more tragic than anyone else. just simply am stating what my heart and mind hide behind a smile. so i can get it out of me. relieving me, of these feelings a little less. 

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How strongly I can relate

So many times in my many years have I felt this exact emotion, I know exactly what you're going through, caus I have been there more times than I can count.  In my own case, my pain became my armour, my loneliness, my silent cry.  I say silent cause for so many years I felt that absolutely no one cared.  Bent, broken, and fallen into one of the deepest, darkest depressions I've ever known.


I learned to adapt, to rely on myself, and clawed my way out of the pit, and whether the world liked it or not, I existed, and I refused to let the world cause me to fade into darkness, and it's refusal to accept me in the end gave me the strength to defy, to refuse to give up, and let falter my will.


Never apologise for being born, from what I've read, you're stronger than that; stand strong, stand proud, and never let the world cause you to falter.


I hope all of that made sense, I slightly went into rant mode lol :).

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thank you alot. it seems a lot of people go through this, yet we all still feel alone at some point. I always try to pull myself back up, after i fall. somedays its just worse than others. Poetry helps me understand, and relieve all my feelings, and capture exact moments of my life. Any how, lol thank you. and dont you ever give up either. We all have to fight the worlds challanges. 

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You don't know Me from Adam

You don't know Me from Adam
but I'm quit possibly the most Fucked Up Person with a little sanity left that you'll meet ? ....The jury is still out there on that .
I've lived through more shit than You could Imagine and being a poet I'm pretty sure You have a good Imagination .
I'm what I'd consider a Warrior Poet with a lot of demons running a muck in My head ....... There's rules to life that I have

( !) To the world, I apologize,,For being born.......
( 2 )To love is to lose ......
NO .........Not To Love Is When You've Lost
Not to say it doesn't fuck with You when You give Your All and Get Burned !
Two things have kept Me alive through Fire Fights , Bar Room Brawls ,Shit storms and Life in general LOVE & HATE !

( 3 ) My friends are annoyed by my presents !
Last but far from least !
This pain is simply unbearable ?
Pain can be a BITCH TO MANAGE
But We All Can Bare It
through everything pain has been the one thing that's let Me know I'm alive.....
Okay Enough of that !
I went through You writings and think You've got the makings of a good poet ...You just need to learn to tell Your demons to Go Back To Their Closet !!!

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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Although you have excellent points, and i appreciate your, out look of my poem. This poem, represents my depression. my daily go around. we all go through rough shit, and we all have our demons. the way i write my poems is through the feelings that my demons stir up. these poems, are.... peices of me torn from my brain and laid out into fine, wording. We as people do the things that make since to us, making us think that what we believe, is our sanity. To Love Is To Lose,

is a poem i wrote, after having hope then losing it. its not just about losing love, its about losing hope. It was written both ways from my perspective. I recpect your review, and understand where you come from. However my poems are wrote, with my demons, not from hiding them away, Because i like to face my fears, not run and hide from them. 

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However my poems are wrote,

However my poems are wrote, with my demons, not from hiding them away, Because i like to face my fears, not run and hide from them.
Oh Hell No ! I didn't mean keep Your Demons locked up in the closet , just contain them an deal with one or two at a time ! Sheer Numbers will drag You down ..... Writing about mine is cheaper therapy than a Shrink ! lol

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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Lol i suppose that is true. very well said. 

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We all do apologize to

We all do apologize to ourselves and our friends for being around them, but we are who we are, no one can change us. 

Life is one hard thing to get...

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Dear TheOutcast

poems are great therapy and venting here is an art form. I, for one, am glad of your presence and triple glad you were born, so we can hear your unique voice. ~ allets~