I belong in evolving thoughts,

but my mind succumbs quickly to love

Missing having you in my dreams and arms,

my bed and bleeding heart, I miss You

and although I know it's done, it's over

and behind us so 


sometimes... I just ask "why"

sometimes I just... cry...

when I think of you

And when I think of your eyes

I am taken worlds

and worlds away, 


like an airplane,


like a feather,

landing in your 

field of cotton-flowers

where meeting eyes give way

each time to meeting lips

in fantasized scenes of raptured

uttered dreams,

space out of time, tears on our 

tongues, suddenly

I Need Air

but our lips

are locked, in a long


luscious rage,


up in our own


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Read This Poem

Read and weep not

I wrote it for you

so you will come back.

I hate having been

given the sack. Please

read this poem, feel

the knack.


I'm keeping my love poems

in just for you stack. Please

come visit, I'll show you the stack.

Love is not what I lack. I'll

help you unpack. I'm pretty

lonely and blue from this

heart attack.


Read this poem and know

for a fact. This is good stuff

this is no act.


~Lady A~