I'm Lonely

Loneliness - omnipresent, my entire life's common theme,

I'm not desensitized, everyday - increasingly a little worse than it may seem,

See me and get a facade - I'm nice, protecting you from such unbearable grief,

Doesn't matter, lacking interactions with others, cuddling with a pen and inked loose-leaf,

I find happiness with the distractions the money I don't have buys,

Did you understand that? Or do you still feed from your foundation of salubrious lies,

To my loyal readers, which encompasses... - ha! No need to describe you,

So be it - ignore my ridiculous life story that no one will subscribe to,

Emotions I try to elevate, yet all trapped - shackled in unknown basements,

Running out of distractions, coming to the end and in sight - no replacements.

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Hello Max, I saw your poem Goodnight Brownies and read it on the front page under latest poems written and then I read several more. I've become a fan. I really enjoy how you write and shockingly enough reading your poetry has inspired a poem of my own. if you will go to my post poems page and click on journal #34 you will see a new poem titled YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAY AND CONSEQUENT NIGHT I wrote that in reaction to reading several of your wonderfully intuitive poems. I hope you like it. and smile Max, you touched someone deeply with your words. keep sharing most sincerely Melissa Lundeen