"there is no U in me."

And if this red ribbon tied round my little blue finger

can help this wandering mind remember

when you and I died together-

You were the first to go as light as a feather,

fallen from some molting goose ready for impending weather.

Oh and there was heather!

To lay to rest your precious head,

cross your lovely limp arms,

kiss your pale lips, soft. dead.

Then, there, too left my half-heart

to and fro its blearied eyes sought

where me and you died together,

the faded scar on my chest appeared leather,

tanned and hardened by the bright yellow fellow.

Oh ever blooming heather!

"And Godspeed!" called the geese

high in the air.

Another dead feather

found its rest among the heather.

And I, too, lie there.

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Kris Grula's picture

awesome. this was so intensly emotional, casting a strong sence of despair. you did a wonderful job with this one