Selfie Culture

I have become lost in my own mediocrity. 


Talent on my left, beauty on my right, pressing in from both sides; squeezing me into a place of nonexistence. 


I have just enough to get by, yet my own lack of uniqueness is staggering. Telling myself I have no need for recognition or greatness, yet fighting the feeling of being swallowed up in a sea of people better than I. Tidal pools of skill; coves of flawless beauty. I think I’ve become marooned by my own self loathing and insecurity.

Despising how utterly ‘okay’ I am, I strive to set myself apart again and again, yet spiral down and crash to the ground...subdued and ready to accept that I am truly unremarkable in every way. 


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A Portrait

Of most of us. "Okay" has merit. Ego makes humans exceptional. ~S~

Lady A