I want to see you naked
Strip off the insecurites; the shame.
Tear off the scars and drop the ropes that bind you to your fears
I want to see all of you
Expose every part of that tortured soul that hides behind layers of self consciousness
Let me know how deeply you feel
Bind your wounds with my healing love
our embrace a salve;
Soothing pain that burns and lighting a fire of another kind 
We're seeing red and surrendering shame for the blaze of passions touch 
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This is both passionate and

This is both passionate and compassionate, and that is a mighty powerful combination in any poem.  Bravo!


[* /+/ ^]

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OMG... you have done an excellent job of weaving the words that describe how one person opens themself to another. This one made me decide that I am going to have to read all your post!!! You have impressed me M'Lady...

As the eyes are the windows of our soul,

My poetry is the windows of my heart!!!

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bare, and the metaphor held to the end brings in love the way I wish new poets knew how - nice weaving this - Lady A

Lady A