Dark: Nature and Mind

She’s just a lump under the covers

The moonlight creates a soft contrast

Between the flat mattress where I lay

And the rise of the sheets to her back

I look at her and the lump returns in my throat

Roll off the bed and over to the window

Peer at the graveyard outside

What used to be a garden

Adding fog would make a perfect picture

Return to my bed, stare at the darkness

Close my eyes, remember

My day, a book I read titled,

Your World and Why It Sucks

On the back it prints my name

I took it home and burnt it

Using the ashes to make a drink called,

I Hate This Feeling

The wind blew them away as it whispered,

You’ll Never Know How I Feel

Ashes in the wind, breathed by the trees

Who exhale, I’m Closing Myself Off

They send their message to the plants

To the grass to the moss on the rocks

In my garden.  They all whisper as I

Pull out the knife.

Draw it close to my throat (Your World and Why It Sucks)

Standing in my garden (I Hate This Feeling)

I close my eyes, remember (You’ll Never Know How I Feel)

And the blade turns red (I’m Closing Myself Off)

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eyesofarunner's picture

Very catcing to the eye. It's mix of imaging and feeling bringing the cluster of what makes the ending perfect. It uses nature in a dark sense and also the nature of a person which relates right to the mind which acts on it's own nature unless influenced by an outside force. Nice writing! I likes.

what can i say i like to critique