I'm Not Through With You Yet

There’s that girl outside my window

Always looking in, day and night

Watches, guards my bedroom, lets me know when

It’s safe.  I don’t know how she got there

My house was built upside-down

And she’s clinging to the shingles

On the north side where there’s no sun

In the winter she stays close to the chimney

Or goes in the attic.  In the summer I

Try to talk to her but she whispers

And she’s a good climber

She tries to play games but I am too smart

I smile at her but she screams

She punches through the glass and grabs me

Puts a whisper to my ear, “Never.”

I break away and throw socks at her

Smelly, black socks.  She usually eats them

This crazy-diet girl.  Now she’s selling

Me the rest of my life.

It’s a lot of money and

What if I want to change it later?

Tap, tap, tap,

She keeps me awake at night

If only she could fly

I could take my hat off

At the end of the day, cry

And If only she would die

Then I could go to sleep

And forget that lie

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eyesofarunner's picture

Sounds like the girl in the story is very backed away from this other person in the house because of her many "whispers"? Yet she stays close enough day and night. She's tells you what to do but you say or do something to make her stop talking and she usually takes your crap. i dunno i was bored and trying to figure it out....i would have to really kinda be you im guessing ahah
good write up...feelings behind a weird story is good, hidden