We're all phonees now

There was a time

When dinosaurs would stroll around

All over town

It was no crime so please don't yell

Referring to the time me and you

And this is true

Got along without the cell

No cell service?

Getting nervous?

I'll make it clear

Was no Nokia

If you were on the street

Perhaps to meet

And you needed to make a call

You needed to use a phone booth

And that's the truth that's all

If someone else was on the line

You waited your turn that's fine

But if you had an emergency

You might be out of luck

It really suck

Exist without the cell?

What the hell!

The worst part you see

No caller ID

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it's a love/hate relationship

it's a love/hate relationship with this addiction, too.

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Reply to you

Absolutely. If the grid ever went down, there would be mass insanity across the country. Really too much.