Cyber punk

In recognition of the world wide web hitting 30:


Hi Nice to meet you Who are you 


You can call me www or just w


It’s such a thrill You mean like Bush


My you’re flirty Just turned 30 Nice tush 


You’re so dirty You like porn


That’s why internet was born 


l go both ways I have to warn


Me too That’s okay I’ll stay till morn


Happy Birthday 

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Very interesting monologue

Very interesting monologue for sure.  Are you familiar with William Gibson's three cyberpunk novels?


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Reply to you

Hi. It's nice to meet you. I must admit my knowledge of those novels is pathetic. Same goes for

90% of the world of poetry. Always been interested in wordplay,puns,etc. Any recommendations

for a neophyte like me? thanks

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Thanks for the reply.  I

Thanks for the reply.  I doubt that I have any credentials by which to make recommendations, except read whatever is interesting, and if it beecomes passionate than read even more, and let all of that seep into your poetry.