They went there

Just read about Beto O'Rourke

How do you pronounce Beto

I'll get back to it. So

He's not from New York

Looks a bit like a dork

But he's nobodys dope

He wants to be POTUS

At least that's his hope

In case you didn't notice


He's Irish I see

His ethnic identity

But those clowns in the GOP

Thoought it would be fun

They thought they would put a dent

In his run for Pressident

In his race to the top

But who would've guessed it

They totally messed it

I wish they would stop



Oh right

I didn't forgetto

You pronounce it "betto"

So have a nice day

And night


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That's funny. Been reading your work. You have made me laugh a few times.

© Ground

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Thank you

Hi. Thanks for your comment. It’s always nice to get positive feedback. Going to read your work too. Nice profile pic, not sure what it is. I’m stumped.

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It's a tortoise with earth on its shell


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