Some slick shrink

Coined a term

Loved by the media

Hated by those who grieve

"Does this give you closure?"

They asked breathlessly

Shoving a microphone

In the faces

Of those left behind

In Oklahoma City

After McVeigh went to sleep

They could have asked the same

Of me when my father

Didn't come back from the war

And they handed my mother

A neatly folded flag and a medal

Except I stayed home

Even as a teenager

I knew that "closure" wasn't hiding

In that piece of cloth

I will only find it

When they close the lid on me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True story

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Rhiannon Clayton's picture

This is incredibly beautiful,its simple,but so effective,I recently broke up with my fiance and everyone keeps telling me to let it go.So I'm trying,and I could be like some and indulge myself in drinking or some vice but it won't give me closure,nor will seeing love ones go,I get closer only when I die.

Becky Zeits's picture

how heartbreaking...I am very gratefull that my father got out of the military early...so very gratefull...now this poem is making me feel like I hould give him a call...