/\/\/\/\/\/\ RIPPLES IN THE POND /\/\/\/\/\/\

He did a favor

Twas a small one

Details matter not

Twas a selfless act

And meant a lot

To a little boy

Who could not tell

Why a stranger

Would stop to help

So time passed.....

The boy grew up

Became a man

And by-the-by

He passed a child

He did not know

Who needed help

So you might ask

What did he do?

I did a favor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do a favor. Pass it on.

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Athena LaFlair's picture

a sweet poem with a good message!

Nicole Poirier's picture

By writing this, you have done us ALL a favor... to appreciate the gift of even the smallest gestures. Awesome

HAWK SQUAW's picture

very well said...... you never know ... the person you pass today might be just the person to help you when you need it....

Me's picture

Someone went to my poetry site today and left a lot of comments on many of the poems and other things I had written... and didn't leave a name. I told this to someone and they suggested that I pass on the favour... and, what's the first poem I stumble upon? Yours, which talks about this very same thing. So, here you go... I love the title of this one, it fits so perfectly too...