Who am I was a wife I was a mother well still am a mother but my kids

  are grown and do not need me who am I am and where do I belong I feel alone

  everyone tellls me that God has a plan for us I wish I knew what that was I used

  have dreams and hopes and now I do not know who I am where I beloing what is

 going to happen next it is the same old thing everyday I try to Pray I try to go to Church

 I try to love this man I love but sometimes in my life I feel like I am not good enough now

 I can not sleep at night during the day I am just living in the moment ,

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I don't know if i believe God

I don't know if i believe God has a plan for us. Maybe God just tries to help us with our plans for ourselves. In a way, the friendship manner of God makes me think of the song "Leaving 99" that a friend of mine's band once put together. You might like that. Audio Adrenaline is the band. But, even in our plans, there is another song that comes to mind. From "Name"(Goo Goo Dolls). "Don't it make you sad to know that life is more then who we are." It is sad, and it can be lonely, but it would be more lonely if we all lived in individual little snow globes. So, as part of the sacrifice for intermingling and trying to build things together, we give up some of the control over the outcome of our lives. At least the surroundings. What we create inside of us, can never be controlled by another without our permission and cooperation every step of the way. Cling to what you can control for now, until the things, the people out of your control, turn your way, as you have for them. Take care.

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This sounds too sad, I feel

This sounds too sad, I feel for you. peace.