Over in the corner I long to

   adorn you with soft kisses to grant all

   your wishes I"m your genie in a bottle my engines

    purr at full throttle but if you rub and release

   me forever you shall please me till your down upon

   your knees begging me to please you to be a slave

   to your loving and soon I"d be shoving you down on

   the bed till there"s a spin in your head you"ll taste

   loves esctasy deeply with in me your soul will be warned

  but now you are warned the will rise with each kiss your

  genie grants every wish.

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Who_ Gives_a_dam's picture

I can't believe no one left a comment on your poem.
They must not have clicked on it, for this is one
of your best, exquisitely written, teasing and sensuous,
I really enjoyed it.