Are we a happy family? A father who is constantly mad who gives us a hard time who cause us pain. A mother who works so hard and gets no respect who gets no attention are we a happy family we may look happy form the outside, but you only see the walls of the house and not the furniture. So don"t be jealous of us we are not that happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This could relate to the way it is now or when iwas liveing with my parents.

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Mark Hope's picture

Your poems are moving with such directness. I think the writer and the speaker in your poems are one in the same. That’s not a negative, just an observance. Do you write only poems?

Shaketa Copelin's picture

Yeah, I can most definitely relate! Great poem.

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This could relate to the way it is now or when iwas liveing with my parents...

Life really hasn't been that great for you has it?? I will tell you more about my younger life at a later time..

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Hey i really like this one i can understand what you say people always say how great my family is but very few see what goes on when there are not around and no one believe the words i speak yet they are so very true the put downs it could break my heart but i try and grow from it i use to wish the most evilest things and now all i want is out of here