drier than my mouth (after Desiree Dallagiacomo)


each minute

each year of my life is

spinning by faster

and I am unraveling it

as if in search of something

I long for pieces of crushed velvet,

jagged edges,

sharp silver tongues

that leap to me from all their loves and all their stories


I keep wanting things I can’t touch

I think I know how something feels

until I realize I am just the mirror

I am unraveling

until I will run out of moments

and then

what will it all be for


maybe if I’m as high as I’m supposed to be

if I don’t have anything to cry over

I don’t know what to do with myself…

and what would I do with all that time


so now I have inhaled a lifetime of pure feeling

I am soaked and can’t come up or down

my head is pounding

I am swimming in a sea of chaos

that stings my skin

feels like exactly what I want to be


I am bursting and still the silence is drier than my mouth

maybe now I’ll let you cut me open

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/11/21

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S74rw4rd's picture

This is profoundly beautiful.

This is profoundly beautiful.

Starward so to change to J-Called