The Good Side (January day 13)

I want to hate this beauty

because I can’t hold it in my hands

I can’t share it like I want to

by flying to you,

one of those airport moments

I can’t turn over the things I’ve forgotten to say in other people’s dreams

if they don’t tell me anymore


But as we sit here slightly frozen

let’s believe we have at least a few percent of this figured out

I can forgive you because I have not made too much of a mess of us yet

As we sit here slightly frozen

let’s pretend we are all still human

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/13/21


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Utterly drenched in

Utterly drenched in beautiful, memorable lines. I really don't feel the need to say too much more. I'd rather read your words again. But imagine thousands of words of praise and appreciation, if you will. This touches the right way.