In the Water


In the water

I met the one I wished to be.


As I watched her walk away,

swaying like- like-

like I read everything to find you in the pages

but they have just stolen my words.


Like I stand here as the moon rises.

Like I’ve run out of time to watch her walk away.

I shut myself in again.


In the water

I met the one I wished to be.


I keep telling myself

she is not perfect but

she has battled the ache on her shoulders

and come back stronger.


She makes you look twice.


She is all of me and none of me.


She says she will teach me the world-

the parts of it she knows.


I want to listen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/15/20

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Listen to yourself :)   As a

Listen to yourself :)


As a piece of writing, I think this is a really worthwhile read for someone who is in the midst of a emotional segue between insecurity and being self secure. Even for someone who has crossed over to the other side, I think it's a worthwhile reminder not to slip back :)