Choices I don't want to make


keep on hoping.

dare you to.

I am sorry I

can’t reach your hand.

sometimes the sky

falls in your eyes.

how do you want

me to hold you?


I’ve never grown

past the grass

and the growing gets harder

on every shorter day.


I’ve never left

but now that I can

can I let myself cry

over something I chose to lose?


I was even sober.

I chose to let my fingers slip

and now everything you’ve given me is breaking.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/29/2020

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patriciajj's picture

I immediately connected with

I immediately connected with this honest, reflective, emotional expression, and truly felt the fierce pain of letting go—even when letting go is the best thing we ever did for ourselves. The last line is surprisingly shattering: superb work. Love this. 

allets's picture

Nice Line

"...something I choose to lose?"


Where have U been? I hope it was/is joyous and productive! ~S~