they say

when someone cries

you can feel it in your heart.

they’re lying

I feel it everywhere.


I live in shadows

when your face is too red

to turn on the light.


my core catches red

when you catch my eye.

my legs feel you stumbling.


this book is filled with words

you have forgotten writing

in the hours that belong to

liquid escape,

my fingers finding a dance floor on yours,

half-awake second chances.

maybe that’s why

I don’t make it easy to open.


I swear I don’t just feel it in my chest when you leave,

it’s like something in my bones

has been rebuilt

they remember your kiss as

not just a now

but a memory

a tomorrow,

I am tearing apart

skin that has turned to glass

I am crumbling.


lemons and oxygen

kickstart my brain,

swing it in circles

but I can’t let it out

through a skull already cracked.


they say

when the seasons change

when the ground shakes

you can feel it in your heart.

but isn’t a heart all of you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/16/19

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