I Don't Need A Better Day (after Neil Hilborn)


I don’t need a better day

I need better fingers

to twist it and turn the smoke into art

I need to push the bitter out of my mouth.


I don’t need a better day

I need a better mind

I need a safe view where I don’t have to duck the bullets

where I can see the whole sky full of nothing I’m missing.


I don’t need a better hand

I need a better head

to hold you like you want

to make everything I’ve broken

whole again.


I don’t need a different way to love you

I need to wrap it around the words I say

like forever isn’t quite half the time I want here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/4/18

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Half Of Forever

A nice time frame. Strong writing this. You, Maya, it's you - slc