Every time you look at me this is what I want to say


How did I get so lucky?

I love you

not because you own me

but because you know me


Sometimes I try to choose my favorite picture of you

and then I realize that every picture of you is my favorite


Tell me

does it hurt being free

or are you catching me because

somehow I have made your arms into a net

somehow I am better than nothing


I thought I could fly

but now I’m cutting myself on the mountain peaks

and dipping too close to the dark


I am not anyone to chase

but I let you


with every word

every breath

every fingertip

you make

the yesterdays

when I didn’t have you

feel like so far from enough


She loves me like I’m brand new

when did I become so bold


I need to say

don’t date a writer

she will spend too much time looking up

and not enough looking at you

she will fall in love with every little inch of skin she paints


I am terrified

you are too good for me

we are too good to be pulling us down


People think

I am good at being alone


when I am alone

I scribble just how wrong they can get

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/22/17

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