wait, tell me


you almost

left when I

almost didn’t tell you I’m sorry


you almost

closed when you

almost missed the dents in my skin


you almost

came back to haunt me


wait, tell me


tell me how I left a permanent mark

how you think I’m what you need


tell me how it’s all about the timing


wait, tell me


tell me how you lost your mind


I almost

missed the train

the moment I

could have turned away


I almost

dropped all my cards

on the railroad tracks

lost the blood on my fingers


I almost

missed you

without knowing it


wait, tell me


tell me how sitting here we are the vulnerable

how that could be a good thing


tell me how there are places we won’t be found


wait, tell me


tell me how you’re the best part of the mess


tell me how I must have lost my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/10/17

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