Reserved for the Lonely


There is a reason I don’t tell you my wishes

I don’t share anything but myself

because I don’t have much

to drag behind me.


Most of my treasures

are spilled out on the floor

where I stand once you go,

locked up a little more than yours

and this space is reserved for the lonely.


All these rest stop conversations

are dreams I wish I had

before everything got so complicated.


All these wasted seasons

I let me down when I’m crossed where you are

People say I spend too much time behind closed doors

but this space is reserved for the lonely.


All these shivers I can’t share

when night falls and I find myself

locked in here alone again

It is so easy to get close when I only let a few people in.


I can’t be everything to anyone

when I leave so much back here

No matter how pretty it looks in the pictures

lonely is never enough.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/9/17

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