I thought I wanted to love you.

I still think so but I’m so tired,

I’m ready to fight the storm that made us

but I don’t want to pull you down with it.


Every minute I let myself think

I take another step toward you

but turn my face away,

and then you are too beautiful

to even think about making me cry.


I don’t want to hang you with emeralds

but they cling to your eyes,

magnets and I can’t remember

the slices of songs that were going to fall from this.


Trust me, after last night

it is going to be harder

for you to make me laugh

now that my eyes are crystallized

with those leftover dreams,

and every time I wake up

you’ve left salt between the sheets.


Every time I stay up

it’s so many hours I don’t want back,

selfish as I can be when the sun goes down,

you leave trails of why not down my face.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/14/17

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