Liquid Brave


When it feels this good you don’t let go,

please talk with your fingertips

because I will fuck this up if you give me the chance,

and not in a good way.


I stayed out again…

when I get back the world won’t be home

but I don’t want to be the one

who shouts the loudest just to fill the empty.


I’m not here looking for absolute,

we are talking without thinking

I have let down the floodgates with liquor

because this is somewhere I’ve never been

and so I will call it home.


Get your wild,

mend me while I disappear,

your head on my shoulder,

I don’t want to be your four a.m.

but despite what I say

I am always desperate enough to spend that exact minute

with my fingers tangled in your hair,

I dare you to say this feels the same…

in shame somehow

I am more desperate now.



my quiet screams the truth

but now I am letting half-lies

slip from my mouth in liquid brave…

I will fuck this up and you have given me the chance.


I’m the one who never wants to be alone

so I find you again and again

when I’ve lost myself.


When I can’t think

I think of what I could say to you,

what I might have,

what I won’t.


We must speak the same language beautifully

or I would not have shared perfect silence

and half a bottle of liquid brave with you,


but we are both blind

and I have written you too many indecipherable love letters

under cover of twilight.


Desperation called, she wants me to stay-

I know I will

and I’m the only one to blame.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/19/17

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RoC's picture


And liquid courage...
Sounds like you're calling my name.

Holding fast to the empty space
Chasing what we should send away
With desperation and liquid brave.

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

allets's picture


is great! We will have lots to re-read once we catch up ~(:D)-